YEAR: 2021
TYPE: Audiovisual installation
LOCATIONS: Universum Space, Sevcable Port, Saint-Petersburg
NUR Festival, Kazan

For a long time I wanted to experiment with LED screens, it seems that this medium has not yet been researched by artists enough. The works that I saw did not use the main feature of these screens - their .. ahem .. LED-ness.

What I mean is that ordinary screens such as those in your smartphone or laptop are so dense that we do not see the border between the pixels, they all merge into a single canvas. LEDs, due to their size, do not hide their graininess. The "quantum" of this screen is a separate diode that can be observed with the naked eye, provided that you are close enough to it (and this is how this work should be experienced).

I decided not to hide this feature of the screen, but the opposite - make it the main artistic feature. Each of the 1,600,000 LEDs is a simulation of a single particle of matter in natural systems such as crystal growth, electrical breakdown, gas, and liquid propagation, etc. Using algorithms, I have created an audiovisual canvas / digital organism that generates endless variations in the growth of these patterns.